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turtle laying eggs in my garden Ground Hog caught in a live trap

I was doing some gardening on June 19th when I found a turtle in the back of the garden laying eggs! We are very close to a couple of small lakes, but why a turtle would go so far from the lakes to lay her eggs has me baffled. I up her 8 eggs and put them in a safe place. Only one hatched, and I took it to the pond. Hope it survived!

The groundhogs went too far this year and were eating all of the Swiss chard, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and even munching on tomato plants. We got a animal control guy to come in and live trap them and move them to different areas. Here is one of 4 young ones that were caught.  (vanilla wafers were the bait!)

newly hatched baby painted turtle

Sept 4 is when the 1st turtle hatched. I kept him for a few days to make sure he was healthy, then released him at a nearby pond. You can see how small it really is in the pic below where it is in my hand.

turtle in Hand

Newly hatched baby Painted Turtle

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