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kale 2004-04-26

Kale - In 2003 I planted some kale seeds, and got a wonderful amount of kale.  The kale was so hardy that it lasted the winter and grew like a hedge the following year  It supplied me with hundreds of seeds for more plants as well. The picture to the left was taken April 26, 2004. The picture below it was taken December 12, 2004.  You can see that the kale is still nice and green despite the amazing amount of snow on it. The pictures on the bottom were taken Sept. 25. 2005. As you can see the kale is very healthy!

kale Dec 2004

It was a pretty hard winter in Michigan 2004-2005, and the plants from 2003 did not make it.  However, there were a number of volunteers that were several inches tall despite being under the piles of snow you see in the picture. I pulled the old plants and put the volunteers in sections of the raised bed gardens that were growing something else.

Swiss Chard, Kale Sept. 25. 2005

Swiss Chard, Kale
 Sept. 25. 2005

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